Discover Salina is a unique, free, yearly event that achieves three goals; it introduces young families to local history, children to nature and educates the community about a responsible and sustainable future. We highlight local businesses and area attractions that are outside the mainstream. By hand picking the exhibitors for our event, we have assembled a stimulating mix of exhibits that will benefit from exposure at our festival. 2015 will be the third year for the event.

  We drew in over 2,500 people to Lakewood Park in May of 2014. This is the single largest activity ever for Lakewood Park.  It was our goal to expose youth to sights, sounds and experiences they never would have encountered, except at our event. We have reserved Lakewood Park for May 3, 2015, for our next free “Discover Salina Naturally” festival.

  The event started with a desire to get young people off the couch, away from video games and into the outdoors appreciating nature. Initial funding from an environmental awareness grant started the project in 2013. The organizing committee wanted to create an experience where families would be exposed to new sites and new opportunities. We wanted them to walk away with a new excitement for their community and a desire to learn more. 

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