I have the above facility located in Stafford Kansas. I primarily want to promote Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and other outdoor activity and upcoming events in the Stafford area. Quivira NWR is about 13 miles from Stafford. It is a world renowned wildlife and wetlands refuge in the center of the North American Flyway. It is a birdwatching paradise but is somewhat obscure to Kansans..and even to many around the country. It is a 22,000 acre wetlands originally know as the Big and Little Salt Marsh. There are hiking trails, auto trails and very wildlife oriented. The refuge sponsors butteryfly events, kid fishing events, etc. Octoberfest of Stafford is also sponsoring a biking event in June that should be posted which runs thru the refuge. My operation is a Bed and Breakfast but I have spent years trying to promote the Stafford area. Granted it does help bring business to the BnB. I am a for-profit venture that has never made money. Been mostly a public service entity.

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