Kandango is a 3.5 day road bicycle ride on the back roads of Kansas. Thursday's Pre-Tour is optional and free. Kandango originated in 2013, as a tour through the Flint and Smoky Hills regions of Kansas. We love the idea of the road less traveled (but far more interesting), exploring pass-through communities, and unique local attractions, while having a blast with friends, old and new.

It doesn’t stop at the city limits sign of the end town. We have a block party in Hays, on Thursday night, a band in Wilson on Friday, and the BBQ Extravaganza on Saturday.

This ride is not just for experienced bicycle tourists, casual riders interested in riding an organized tour are encouraged to join us. We have created a novel ride support system using three large motor coaches accompanied by trucks to haul bikes. The buses operate on a schedule, just like a bus line. Riders can use the buses to customize their ride with the perfect mileage and to take in all the sights.

It's $95 to ride. Options for Camping/Transportation to and from the tour.

Enjoy watching developments and the hullabaloo on our website. https://www.ridekandango.com/


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