The mission of Rosedale Development Association (RDA) is to work with residents, businesses, and institutions to develop a thriving Rosedale community. RDA believes in a whole-community approach to address the needs of Rosedalians, with five focus areas guiding our work:

  • A Robust Economy

  • Vibrant Community

  • Healthy People

  • A Thriving Environment

  • And a Sustainable RDA

In addition to the programs and services we provide the community, annually, RDA hosts a number of outdoor community events, including a disc golf tournament, a Families in Nature event, the Bike-In Movie at Boulevard Drive-in, and more. Additionally, RDA is active in organizing four community gardens as well as maintaining over four miles of recreational trails, the Rozarks Nature Trails.

We advocate for health equity, improved community parks and sidewalks, complete streets with ample bike/pedestrian infrastructure, increased green spaces, and community gathering spaces within existing businesses and infrastructure.


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